Troy Ave to Sue Irving Plaza Following Deadly Shooting


Rapper Troy Ave announced yesterday during a brief press conference, that he would be filing a lawsuit against Irving Plaza for allowing a gun to enter the venue which in turn led to the deadly shooting before T.I.’s concert on May 25th.

According to pix11 and paperwork filed in Kings County Supreme Court, Troy Ave is blaming the venue for poor security measures, that allowed individuals to bring in weapons resulting in the death of his friend and associate, BSB Banga aka Ronald McPhatter. Lawyer Scott Leemon, is alleging that any firearms used during the shooting were brought in through the back V.I.P entrance, in which no one was patted down.

“As we told you day one, Troy did not bring a gun into this venue,” Leemon said. If not for this lack of security, “Troy would never have been shot and none of the incidents that took place that night would have happened. He is the victim here”.

After avoiding a murder charge and spending six weeks in jail for his role in the Irving Plaza shooting on July 11th, Troy Ave was released on $500,000 bail. While still facing serious charges from that fateful night and in the midst of building a lawsuit, Troy has once again turned his focus back to his career and music output. Now that fans have had the opportunity to enjoy Free Troy Ave, a mix-tape he released back on June 6th to capitalize of his relevancy, he’s also dropped “HOT BOY” late July.  

As the hip-hop community waits on any details and updates from the situation at hand, fans can share a sigh of relief as Troy has just recently announced that a new album titled, Ronald Collins will be released on August 12th.

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