With All Due RESPECT.: 5 Songs You’ve Been Sleeping On (8/22)


Hey gang! Wow, um… I mean gang, gang, gang!! Sorry, I’m still trying to get this whole Hip-Hop thing down. Anyways, With All Due RESPECT. is back this week, and it’s better than ever! After a weekend full of Tory Lanez bangers and Frank Ocean love ballads — no seriously, it’s really out this time — we’ve got the perfect refreshing playlist that you’ll need to play while taking a break from, “Solo” — 3 Stacks, you didn’t have to come at Drake like that! Check out these banging tracks that you’ve been definitely snoozing on.

Supa Bwe – VVS Shordy

Chicago native Supa Bwe has been making noise for quite some time now. The former front man of Hurt Everybody has been on the solo tip and recently released his mixtape Dead Again 3 which boasts features from Chi-Town heavyweights Chance The Rapper and frequent collaborator Mick Jenkins. But it’s the solo cut, “VVS Shordy” which features and is produced by UG Wavy that has caught my attention. Utilizing a synth heavy track, the duo goes in on this turnt track about drugs and of course… The shorties. Check out the party starter below and be sure to catch Dead Again 3, which is out now.

Tom Misch – Crazy Dream (Feat. Loyle Carner)”

It’s no secret that the UK has always had wavy music. The groovy, funky house music that you and your crew boogie to on Saturday nights at that downtown club, probably came from European genius. London native Tom Misch is apart of that group. After becoming a YouTube legend for instrumentals like “Dusty Memories” — seriously, check that out — the London native decided to throw vocals onto tracks for his Reverie EP. The result was a feel good, super groovy track named, “Crazy Dream” which features Misch harmonizing the hook while guestman Loyle Carner delivers a brilliant accent-filled 32 about Pharcyde, love and more. Check out the track below and be sure to check out Misch’s recently released EP, out now.

Courtlin Jabrae – That Way

The art of live performance is often lost in translation nowadays, especially in Hip-Hop. Xanax, lean, and dabs — & I ain’t talking ’bout the dance! — have sedated artists like never before, leaving fans who paid x amount of dollars to be disappointed. Illinois native Courtlin Jabrae is not one of those artists. Previously unknown to me, I hopped on the Jabrae bandwagon after witnessing the charismatic performance of his single, “That Way” in L.A. on the In My Mind tour. Commanding the crowd with impressive vocal range and engaging dance moves, Jabrae exhibits the same amount of energy into his recordings. “Don’t judge me, I know this s**t sounding real OVO” says Jabrae on the second verse, but I would argue that he did OVO better than OVO…. I’m talking directly to you Party. Check out “That Way” below and check out our quick video of said performance from Courtlin Jabrae.

Rossi – Suav City PT. II (Feat. Bodega Bamz)

San Diego has been eating lately. 619 native Rob $tone has been making crazy noise with his infectious hit, “Chill Bill” — which we featured eaaaaaarly on, just saying — and has been shedding light on a budding scene. Next in line to take the city further is Rossi, a lyrically gifted rapper with a keen sense of rhythm. His recently released project, Agassi, an ode to his tennis days, is a modern internet masterpiece. Not one song on that project is skippable and the follow up to his TanBoys debut in “Suav City PT. II” is a certified banger. Featuring TanBoy leader Bodega Bamz on the hook, Rossi goes on a lyrical tirade that will have you saying Rossi Rocks. Check out the banging track below and do yourself a favor and peep Agassi, out now.

Joey Wolfe – “Menace II Society

“I gotta get out this town/ I’m probably the dopest emcee that you’ve seen” raps Las Vegas native Joey Wolfe from the get go on the track, “Menace II Society“. And if we’re being honest, he proceeds to back that claim up — Vegas wise — throughout the rest of this nostalgic track. Coming in off of his recently released tape, Long Summer EP, Wolfe spits thought provoking bars over a west coast influenced funky sample driven beat. The track is one of many gems hailing from the Sin City natives new EP, which if I must say, is one of the best underground projects of the year. Check out the track below, and be sure to check out Long Summer EP before the bandwagon fills up.

There you have it! Let us know how we did, did we get it right? Are we still sleeping on your favorite local artist? Let us know in the comment section below!


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