Premiere: Westside Gunn Drops off New ‘THERE’S GOD AND THERE’S FLYGOD, PRAISE BOTH’ EP


Artwork: Moab

Don’t try to run, really. It’s a mistake. And if you do decide to jet, Westside Gunn and the entire Griselda Records will get you. Their music will catch you – anyone with even a slight ear to contemporary hip-hop will also agree that these cats seem to find their way to your headphones and car speakers. As mentioned in a recent publishing with Westside Gunn, the work ethic is top shelf. It doesn’t take a college professor to notice that consistency is key in this game, or at least one major key.

The Buffalo, New York emcee makes this craft seem effortless. After just a few years of consistently brutalizing the studio, it’s no secret that he has picked up a generous amount of fans worldwide. The pressure is nothing to him. There actually is no pressure he says. You get what you get with WSG and Griselda Records; jump on board and enjoy or keep it moving.

We are stoked to introduce the new ‘THERE’S GOD AND THERE’S FLYGOD, PRAISE BOTH‘ EP with Daringer; as we’ve kept a close eye on their careers over time. Okay, so this is when the story gets interesting. The EP was recorded in one day! Though rather short in length, the quality is enough to run laps around a few cats’ full length studio albums. It’s a handful of polaroids, a quick “day in the life” of WSG and Daringer so to speak. A short, sonic voyage lending a glimpse through expensive sunglasses at what they can do on sight – on the spot, all craft on the table. How many artists can do that? Well probably a lot, but will it be good music? We caught up with WSG and asked him about the project. He simply mentions,

It’s a piece of art that I wanted to paint. Every song was a different stroke – no thought into it at all. Daringer played a beat and I just spit.

To avoid exhausting you with another elastic, typical review, you can listen to the new EP yourself and gather your own thoughts. Daringer never upsets, does he? We could take hours to talk about his production. This project is a quick look into an extended expectation from Daringer – continued grit and pristine sampling. As mentioned before, and everywhere else, their chemistry continues to amaze fans. It may be getting stronger as they continue to work. Guest artists include frequent flyers Conway, Benny and Nes. At this point a Westside Gunn release wouldn’t even feel right without them on the record.

Enjoy the stream. If you like it be sure to grab your digital copy on iTunes (link below). Thank you, peace and love:

Westside Gunn – Twitter | Instagram

Daringer – Twitter | Instagram


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