Rob $tone & 1207 Get Tested by Random Haters [WATCH]



It’s a word that used more loosely these days than any other. Everybody from your mom to the groggy dude who runs the Taco Bell drive-thru thinks that have haters, yet, nobody’s ever hating. That’s not the case for emerging young rapper Rob $tone and his 1207 crew who’s single “Chill Bill” has gone viral with over 15 million plays on Soundcloud.

With the fame and the territory comes the actual haters and 1207 quickly realized this on the afternoon of July 22nd when they confronted by some random haters from the same San Diego area. “They followed us from the beach right?” $tone says on the video, “Then they waited for my n***as to get on the ride and they tried to press me, and now he’s mad because I won’t fight him.” Directly after you can see a bummy beach dweller yelling things out and Rob, fellow 1207 member Malik Burgers and a couple of friends. Phrases such as: “You’re soft” & “F*ck 1207!” can be heard as 1207 obviously tries to keep their cool. Things subsequently got out of hand when the man threatens Rob by insinuating  that he knows where Rob’s mother lives.

What happens next is pure pandemonium and irony.

No less than 45 seconds after the threat, the man is knocked out cold by a 1207 affiliate and all hell breaks loose. You see punches being thrown all around as $tone and crew defend themselves effectively from the random group of provokers.

Look, I’m not a purveyor violence by any means, but when you provoke somebody to this point and even go as far as to make threats, irony comes your way. As $tone said to the “haters” at the end of the video, “You guys go ride a ride, and have a good time.”

Check out the video — which has already gone viral — below and be on the lookout for an extensive interview with Rob $tone & the 1207 crew about their experience with the growing fame thus far.

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  • Russ Davis

    I hope no one thinks shit like this is cool. People gotta learn that you will get things said about you. If you’re aspiring to be something great then you have to learn how to control your temper and not give in to the people that will try to bring you down. To sucker punch a guy because he said some hurtful words to you should never be an answer. These young men are extremely lucky they had no encounters with the law during this scuffle and I pray no young impressionable readers think this is the way to get respect.

  • Larson

    what are you talking about?? these niggas stayed humble af but everyone has a patience limit

  • Ryan Robertson

    This encounter wasn’t about trying to get respect. They were actually pretty humble about how they handled it until the guy started making threats against his mother. Sorry this guy deserved an ass whooping and any idiot who acts the way he did does too.