Lupe Fiasco Releases New Track “Pick Up the Phone”

Lupe Fiasco has been relatively quiet on the music scene, yet continues to be active within the Twittersphere.

As of last night, the “Kick Push” emcee dropped a new track called “Pick Up the Phone.” The song premiered on Lupe’s website. Lupe’s new song deals with a game of phone tag he plays with a loved one. His loved one never answers, and so the song appears to play out as a voicemail message to his woman.

Ironically, “Pick Up the Phone” is another song by Travis Scott and Young Thug. Although La Flame and Thugger’s futuristic trap song is a banger–while still being radio-friendly– the two songs share very little resemblance. Lupe’s version carries a rap-rock hybrid tune similar to his 2011 Lasers album.

“I just need a minute to replenish who I am and who I am is so dependent on exactly where we stand,” Lupe spits in the song.

No word yet on which of his last three albums “Pick Up the Phone” will be on. Earlier this year, Lupe delivered the shocking announcement that he’d retire after dropping DROGAS, DROGAS light, and SKULLS by the end of this year.

“Love rap but don’t give a f–k about music or anything that comes with it,” Lupe tweeted out to a fan regarding his retirement from rap.


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