Skepta’s New Track, “Coming Soon” is Now Here

3414Skepta has been up to some wishful thinking with his new track, “Coming Soon. The song features Makonnen and Céon with a beat that’s intwined with some sounds that are awfully nostalgic of the music featured in the 90’s hit show Rugrats. Back on topic, Skepta, known for his unique style in the grime genre, clothing, and simple life choices in general announces his future moves and endeavors in the hook:

“New money coming soon, new chain coming soon, new range coming soon, new house coming soon, pent house coming soon, new roof coming soon, no roof coming soon, new chain coming soon, new range coming soon”

After hearing the song, and particularly the hook I was a little surprised on the normality of the lyrical content. Most rappers talk about the similar objects of money, luxury cars, and fancy digs, so hearing Skepta mimic it threw me for a loop. Skepta’s first single off his album, Konichiwa, “That’s Not Me” does a great job at distancing him from the norm of rappers and the popular life choices they indulge in.  Skepta claimed that wasn’t him, but “Coming Soon” does a little contradicting for the London rapper. Though, it is important to note that there are lyrics beyond the hook that stay true to his distinctive style.

On the other hand of content, we have form which is completely and ultimately different from the popular rap we hear today. Everyone wants to have their own sound, but Skepta is so ahead of the game, he is one of the pioneers in an entirely new genre. His sound is incomparable. From his voice and accent, to the topics of his music, and back to his production choices, Skepta ain’t regula’.


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