RESPECT. The Culture: FDA Approves Gummy Amphetamines For Kids


Recently, in the latest case of our government making genius choices, the FDA approved a gummy flavored amphetamine that is geared toward treating children with ADHD. While on the surface the idea of the drug, which is called Adzenys XR-ODT  seems simple, give kids gummy medicine so they can treat their illness. It’s all so simple… Until you read the potential symptoms caused by the drug. Potential for abuse and dependence, blood pressure increase and psychiatric adverse reactions are just some of the symptoms listed for the drug on It was also reported by STAT News that the new drug hit the market last week and is being marked towards kids as young as 6-years-old.

Non surprisingly, the manufacturing of the drug has caused a reaction from the health care community as they say the chewy substance and fruity flavors could lead to more abuses and overdoses at younger ages. This is almost a certainty. When you give children drugs that are essentially Starbursts with meth in them, there’s a higher chance that they will crave more. Though the health care community has expressed displeasure, this has not hindered the plans of  Neos Therapeutics, which is the company based out of Dallas that is responsible for the drug. Obviously lacking a conscience, the company has launched a “back to school season” campaign in hopes of gaining young consumers. “We look forward to offering patients, their parents and caregivers with this new treatment options ahead of the back-to-school season this summer and expanding our focus into newly diagnosed pediatric patients and adolescent and adult patients.” said CEO Vipin K. Garg said in the Neos Therapeutics First Quarter 2016 Financial Results Conference Call. The drug will be available at $25 a prescription for a one year program and the company will soon be giving out coupons for a free 30-day-trial… You know, just to see if your blood pressure raises or you become a junkie… You can never be too safe!

Meanwhile, the government continues to aid in the destruction of our mental health care system by legalizing drugs that are turning people into junkies and zombies. But god forbid people decide to smoke weed to treat their worries. By the way how’s Colorado doing again? Oh yeah that’s right… Let us know what you think of the decision in the comment section!


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