RESPECT. Premiere: Eloh Kush and Dus – ‘Beautiful Struggle’


New Jersey rapper, Eloh Kush and producer, Dus look to exceed expectations with their new single, “Beautiful Struggle.” This single is off of their up and coming collaboration album, AngelDus, which is due to release on June 24th via Water the Plants. The album is entirely produced by Dus and also features guest appearances from A.G. (Show & AG), El Da Sensei, John Robinson and others.  Like most records from Eloh Kush, his flow is impeccable and he always keeps it real.

Eloh Kush is always encouraging listeners to gain as much knowledge as you can and with “Beautiful Struggle” he does just that. Respectfully, this record has a really positive message and if you’re into the 90’s style of hip hop, then I strongly encourage you listen to this record. Unlike most rappers, his similes and metaphors are self explanatory and straight to the point. Eloh Kush has that effect where he can articulate his words in a way that the average listener can relate too. In the hook of the song he says “There’s a thin line that we walk between ordinary and great.” In addition, he says we’re gonna always strive in the “beautiful struggle.” The hook of the song just gives you a snippet of how Eloh Kush thinks and the type of artist he is. We need more artist such as Eloh Kush, that are pushing positivity through  our most used outlet, which is music.
“Beautiful Struggle” is the first single off of his new album and I’m sure every track will match, if not exceed the level of this track. Take a listen to “Beautiful Struggle” and let us know what you think. For more information on Eloh Kush and Dus, y0u can follow them on Twitter. Make sure you stay tuned in for the release of their debut album, AngelDus. The album can be pre-ordered here.
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