kim wimbish

Virginia pulled together for a serious issue in our Nation, the Flint Water Crisis.  People statewide united in a means to help their fellow Americans in need.  The people sent over 2,000 cases of water.  Then, some volunteers took the hike from Virginia to Michigan, and, went into neighborhoods and started to hand out cases.  Many were wondering who carried the weight ($$) when it came to the semi-truck used to ship the water.  The answer is rapper, Pusha T, who is known for his works with Partners in the Community member, Kimberly Wimbush in the past on previous charity events.

According to 13NewsNow,

Lines of volunteers showed up to help “Partners in the Community” donate bottled water to Flint, MI.

According to newsplex.com:

“We want to make sure that the people who mostly need it get it,” said Partners in the Community member Kimberly Wimbush. “A lot of people are lacking transportation or they don’t have citizenship or they don’t have IDs that don’t matter at this point in time they need water so we want to make sure that anybody who is in need of water get that water.”

The call for action started with a Facebook post that went viral and along with the seven cities in the Hampton Roads areas, leaders in Charlottesville felt that it was only right to jump on board.