NEW SONG: “Wade In The Water” ft. Levii Turner by Prohaize

One of Prohaize’s most unapologetically controversial singles is directed by Chad Tennies. It paints vivid truths of contemporary enslavement through social, economic, and self-inflicted suppression of the black race. The soulful harmonies of singer Levii Turner in conjunction with the brilliant production by Bryce JB  Thomas take listeners on a journey of intimate self-reflection and inspirational change. Accompanying brand new material, “Wade in the Water” will be re-released on Prohaize’s untitled body of work coming this winter. Prohaize will be running on-foot from Atlanta to New York to combat police brutality starting September 20, 2015 through a campaign called Justice Trail. To learn more about this journey, read his conversation with AFROPUNK by clicking here. | Twitter: @Prohaize | Facebook: Prohaize | Instagram: @Prohaize | Soundcloud: Prohaize YouTube: ProhaizeHD