Brooklyn Museum’s “The Rise Of Sneaker Culture” Exhibit Opens Next Weekend

1980s stanRESPECT-Mag-Nike-Foamposite-1997-Brooklyn-Museum

A few months ago the legendary Brooklyn Museum announced one of the most exciting exhibits for all sneaker connoisseurs alike: “The Rise Of Sneaker Culture” exhibition. Well it’s almost here, starting next weekend on July 10th up until October 4th, don’t miss the visual storyboard of the eminent rise of sneakers and how they’ve woven themselves into every crevice of our lives on a daily basis, especially the hip-hop culture. The extensive exhibition showcases 150 sneakers ranging from the very first running sneaker created by Dutton and Thorowgood in 1860 to the most popular Air Jordan, adidas, and rare Nike collaborations to date.

RESPECT-Mag-adidas-Stan-Smith-1980-Brooklyn-Museum RESPECT-Mag-Air-Jordan-III-1988-Brooklyn-Museum

Along with just showing some rare vintage sneakers, the informational aspect of the exhibit goes in-depth as to how the sneaker culture rose over the years. One of the sneakers on display are the pair of kicks adidas gave Run DMC after their popular hit “My Adidas” took off and rose awareness to the German company. Check out some more of the sneakers that will be part of “The Rise Of Sneaker Culture” exhibition down below. Organized into six time periods with collections from Nike, Puma, Converse, Air Jordan, Reebok, etc. while including personal sneakers from Bobbito Garcia and Darryl “DMC” McDaniels, you can’t miss this. You will, without a doubt, leave the exhibition learning a lot more about some of the most prominent sneaker brands out and get an in-depth learning experience on some of the most rare creations from the companies. Beware hypebeasts: you might get the urge to steal a pair of 1988 Air Jordan III’s or 1997 Nike Foamposites, but don’t.