5 Reasons Why You Should Listen To “OGG Everlasting”, Presented By Rocksmith

If you’re anyone that’s anyone, you’ve heard about the raft of OG Maco. Without question, he is a leader, who is recognized as one of the best representations of the new era of urban contemporary music today. His avant-garde image and unswerving message, both transcend the often inelastic realms of our beloved Hip-Hop and R&B. In fact, pigeon-holing any rapper who has a formidable foundation in Rock music and / or any other genres, would be a crippling disservice. The Motown-signee, who is the first rapper to join the label, has worked diligently to create the attractive, larger-than-life OGG brand, in what seems to be such a short time.

OGG Everlasting cover art

Best known for his record, “U Guessed It” and now for being featured on the infamous Freshmen magazine cover, this young and creative entrepreneur recently teamed up with Rocksmith, a well-known streetwear brand from New York City, to bring “OGG Everlasting” the mixtape to the world. Since, he’s signed Doja Cat to his imprint and before that, he released a fabulous 4-track EP (“Tax Free”) with Bob Dylan’s grandson, Pablo Dylan. When it comes to releasing new music with playback value, you can’t beat him to the finish line.

Now, read the five reasons why I think you should listen to “OGG Everlasting” over and over, like me.

5. It features new rappers

Before hearing this mixtape, I didn’t know who any of the artists were. Larry June, Theo Ferragamo, OG Heisman & Hombre, Kushy Stash, Jose Guapo and Losa were just names. Not to say they wouldn’t have “made it” on their own terms, however, packaging and presentation is everything in this business.

4. It features new producers

Personally, I like music that makes me want to “activate” the other members of my body. If I don’t want to dance to, think about or tell someone else about the way a certain song sounds, in my mind, the producer and the rapper were not on one accord. I think the sound of the mixtape is cohesive and every composer shined bright and did their best to showcase their skills. Listed are the outstanding talents below:

Savage Beats
Hugo Black
Phresh Produce
OG Parker
Blackkey Cartel
Brandon Thomas
Tommy Stoner
Cash Flow

3. I have favourites

“Fortune” – It’s such a thuggy record, and that’s a good thing. It reminds me of something I’ve heard before.

“I Feel Like The Plug” – Selfish reasons aside, you can dance to this song all night.

“Mind Right” – It’s about women, who are beautiful (with a “swole” ass) with brains (mind right).

2. The music is well-produced, evokes nostalgia and emotion

A perfect example of what I’m describing: The irst song samples “You Are Number One” by The Whispers, which reminds me of my favourite Monica record, “So Gone”. It takes me back to the year I graduated from high school, and I was dating a Taurus weirdo.

1. OG Maco

I think this body of music is one of the many reasons why he’s a good leader. Let’s standby, support him and watch his work blossom.