Street Art: INSA’s Space GIF-ITI

INSA in Rio during the creation of the world's largest GIF. Image: Ballantine's

INSA in Rio during the creation of the world’s largest GIF.
Image: Ballantine’s

INSA is back with his signature tech-savy graffiti pieces! For his latest mural, the artist worked with a team of 20 and a satellite 431 miles above the earth over the course of six days. The project resulted in the creation of the world’s largest GIF. He told Mashable:

I was approached by Ballantine’s who asked if I had any crazy ideas for pushing my work to another level. I said I want to paint something big enough to be seen from space and to animate it. A week later they said ‘we’d like to help you do that’.

He paints his complex murals onto a surface, photographes them, re-paintes them, and then photographs them again. As a result, he creates hypnotic GIFs that he publishes online. The artist understands that the Internet is a freeing platform where street art can live forever without the risk of being painted over. He explains:

It seemed a shame the level of work that was going into something that was only going to be seen as a small image online, but then I just thought why not make the internet, and those few images, the best way to view my work – even make it the only platform for seeing the final work. And GIFs are the ultimate internet folder.