New Music: Young Thug feat. Wale – “Stoner” (Remix) (prod. Dun Deal)

Young ThugMidway through his first verse and at the tail end of his final verse, Young Thug breaks cadence and starts repeatedly wailing, “I feel like Fabo.” He’s not saying that to be funny or to establish his rap nerd credentials. Rather, just like Fabo, Young Thug has an uncanny ability to channel all the frenetic energy of being high into a song. This energy manifests in the various flows he adopts throughout the song and his ambulating voice, which sounds both enhanced and completely natural. Wale‘s presence momentarily grounds the song, bringing us back to the main rhythm of the frenetic Dun Deal-produced beat with some nicely coordinated rhymes, but at the end of the verse, even he feels the need to adopt Young Thug‘s unpredictable vocal style. Listen below. Like we implied on our recent best albums of 2013 list, Young Thug is currently hip-hop’s premier experimentalist. This is how he works.

UPDATE: According to Young Thug, this isn’t the official remix. Don’t let that stop you from enjoying though.