Check out Jay Z’s Hublot Watches That You Probably Can’t Afford

Jay Z Hublot watch Shawn carter

Jay Z is taking his Hublot love to the fullest extent with a limited edition series run this holiday season. In conjunction with Barney’s A New York Holiday shopping experience, launching November 20, the watches will hit shelves for a short time.

Shawn Carter by Hublot will feature two wrist pieces, one in ceramic black, of which 250 will be produced, and one in 18k gold, of which 100 will hit the market. The watches will retail for $17,900 and $33,900 respectively, so start saving those pennies and make this the most extravagant Christmas ever. Or buy a home in Detroit and pocket the other $30,000.



Hublot-Shawn-Carter-Classic-Fusion-watch-4Hublot-Shawn-Carter-Classic-Fusion-watch-7 Hublot-Shawn-Carter-Classic-Fusion-watch-6