Street Art: Sliks – How To Fight Loneliness

Sliks red Graff London

Rafael a.k.a. Silks is a Brazilian graffiti artist from São Paulo City. The artist’s hectic work was birthed by the loneliness that pervaded his childhood. Silks work, though often inspired by this singular feeling, is never homogenous. Affected by the urban textures from the city which vary with time, his dense work is an unending trail of colors, that intersects between macro and micro schools of art.

Sliks Blue Graff

From the walls to the canvas, Silks uses a consistent technique involving layering.

Nudes Sliks paints on women

Andy and Albert Painted on by Sliks


Written by Julia Schur

Julia is a writer and photographer from Paris, France. She moved to New York City to study in 2012. If you’re into art, concerts, hip-hop, and documentaries about ex-cons, feel free to contact her!

2 Responses to “Street Art: Sliks – How To Fight Loneliness”
  1. Bom Dia Julia,
    We are dealers is Urban Art and have been for many years, and i was very impressed with
    Sliks “Art” that was in “Sao Paulo Magazine” today I am an american who lives in SP. one
    of the Artists we work with just did an event in SP Against Domestic Violence not for profit
    I personally like working this way, of course you have to make a little money to survive,
    so we set up gallery exhibits, Etc. Julia please contact me like to speak with you.
    Big Hug,

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