Andre 3000’s Top 10 Verses


Andre 3000 has never been known to spit a whack verse. Ever since Outkast’s debut album Southernplayalisticadillacmuzik, Andre 3000 a.k.a Dre or 3 Stacks has been spitting vicious flows, changing up his style over the years, but remaining one of the premier lyricists in the game. His storytelling prowess in particular is unique and unmatched. Check out his ten best verses below.

10.) UGK – International Players Anthem

This is a track that everyone is familiar with: the “International Players Anthem.” Out of everyone on this track, I think Dre had the best verse–no disrespect to the late great Pimp C. He spits this verse as if he were having a conversation with his homies, and they were trying to convince him to not get married. It all meshed well, and Dre did his thing with this one!


9.) Goodie Mob feat. – Thought Process

As Andre closes out the opening track of Goodie Mob’s debut album Soul Food (1995), he speaks on the daily struggles and issues in this world. He goes on to explain that he was only living for the day, and not the future. Andre 3000 did a great job of capturing this audience with this intriguing verse.


8.) Andre 3000 – A Life In The Day of Benjamin Andre

This is a verse that summarized his whole career. It was the outro of the only work that could be chalked up as a solo project– The Love Below (2003). He discusses his relations with Erykah Badu, Outkast, cars, and everything else that he hadexperienced throughout his adult life. Although we never got the completed version of this track, it still remains as one of his best verses.


7.) Outkast – ATLiens

One of the most timeless Outkast tracks of all time. The hook is a classic, but Andre’s verse takes the track to another level.


6.) Outkast – Da Art of Storytellin’ (Part 1)

Here, Dre tells the story of a girl he knew named Sasha: He was close friends with her, but they ended up getting older and grew apart. He later found out that Sasha was with a man who was treating her wrong. Dre hoped that one day he would see Sasha again, but she was found dead, seven months pregnant. It’s not just the drama of the story, but the way that Andre phrases it that makes this one of the best story tracks of all time. “It’s like that now, you better gon get the hump up out ya back now. It’s bout 4, 5 cats off in my ‘Lac now.”


5.) Big Boi feat. Andre 3000– Royal Flush

Now this track was only about 3 minutes long, but Andre shines through a full two of them. Dre pretty much drove the car on this one, and Big Boi and Rae (also featured) took the backseat.


4.) Outkast – Return Of The G

After taking the hiatus from weed and alcohol before ATLiens, Andre changed his style of dress, which led to people questioning his sexuality. With this verse, he addressed everything that was going on, as well as all that is buried in the word “gangster.”


3.) Outkast – D.E.E.P.

People often forget this track when they refer to Andre’s greatest verses, but listen: the way he slaughtered this beat was just unfair! He came in with a tongue twisting flow and witty bars and didn’t stop:“D.E.E.P., you want to go D.E.E.P., I’ll take ya D.E.E.P., you know you f*cked up when you let my mind creep.”


2.) Outkast – Babylon

In the first verse of this track, Andre 3000 speaks on how his mother was on heavy drugs when she was pregnant with him. Although his first verse was only 40 seconds deep, he spoke about a lot in that short period of time. “I came into this world high as a bird, from second hand cocaine powder. I know it sounds absurd. I never tooted it, but its in my veins.”


1. ) Outkast – Elevators

This is Andre 3000′s greatest lyrical performance of all time. The way he tells the story of seeing someone from high school was amazing. At the time, Outkast wasn’t as rich as everyone thought they were. They had a hit album, but they were still going through the same daily struggles as everyone else. “True, I got more fans than the average man, but not enough loot to last me ’til the end of the week. I live by the beat, like you live check to check.”

  • I’m proud of you brother. Remember to keep your head up and continue fighting. The best is yet to come.

  • You stopped breathing were you born, and now your voice is being heard all over the world! Speechless!

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  • Brooks

    Great list but how the f*** did Andre’s last verse on the title track for Aquemini not make it on here?! One of the best and probably not well-known gems of his career, it comes outta nowhere. Jeff Lockhart, please advise

    Andre’s last verse starts at 3:45:

  • jake from ADL

    Yeah Brooks i agree man, im gonna drop the verse here. If you havent heard the song or cant remember, (god knows how) its sung with a heavy emphasis on the letter ‘N’, making this crazy flow that follows no rap rules. Soon as i learnt this lyric i couldn’t stop repeating it, damn good to sing. Oh- yeah, its also a crazy lyric.

    My mind warps and bends floats the wind count to ten
    meet the twin Andre Ben. welcome to the lion’s den
    original skin many men comprehend
    I extend myself so you go out & tell a friend
    Sin all depends on what you believing in
    Faith is what you make it that’s the hardest shit since MC Ren
    Alien can blend right on in wit’ yo’ kin
    look again ’cause I swear I spot one every now & then
    It’s happenin’ again wish I could tell you when
    Andre this is Andre y’all just gon’ have to make amends

  • Emmanuel

    I love it

  • Andrew Bennett

    Either in the Top 10 or as an honorable mention, but Dre’s lines in Storytelling Part 4 went for days.

  • Dorian McCormick

    what about Mainstream?? I really liked that verse