Street Art: ROA, The DaVinci of The Streets, Hits Panama City


The DaVinci of the streets is back and was recently spotted in Panama City working on some of his signature detailed animals. It is hard to tell whether ROA chose walls which had wide colorful stripes across them, or if he painted them. If he is experimenting with painting  colorful geometrical shapes it might indicate a new direction for his work. The artist recently gave his thoughts on the perception of his art.

“I am always very pleased if people get their own interpretation of it. If it can be engaging enough to let people look into those animals and inspire them to be creative, or to get involved with our globe, or just take a look at it, then I am very happy.”

ROA once created “traditional” street art pieces, but when that was no longer a source of energy for him, he shifted in themes and thought about drawing animals.

“Since I was a kid I drew animals, so I wanted to paint like I draw, but more plastic and looser. I gave it a try on the wall… I got inspired to go up to paint in left-behind factories and hidden places and experiment with lines and scales. I was still enjoying it because every wall is different; the environment, the social life around it, the external conditions, the size, the depiction, the challenge is always there.”



About Julia Schur

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