Street Art: Best Of The Week

This week’s best come from Nychos, Zed1, Hyuro, Seacreative, Wes21 and Conor Harrington in collaboration with Maser!



Back in Europe, Nychos recently opened his solo show in Torino, Italy. His highly detailed, anatomical characters are sharp. This week he painted the biological insides of a huge snake.



Zed 1, Italian street artist also known as Mark Burresi, completed the mural above in Amsterdam. He created a large colorful piece featuring his grotesque characters. This piece was ordered by  Look For Art Gallery, henxs paintshop and The artist  skillfully brought humor to an upsetting situation of conflict.



Hyuro is currently in Italy for the Memorie Urbane Festival. The Spanish artist produced an impressive piece entitled “L’Attesa” (Waiting).


Conor Masser

Conor Harrington

Conor Harrington is currently in London where he worked on a collaboration with  Maser. The new duo successfully merged both their style merging bright colors and a talent for portraiture.



Wes Remo Lienhard aka Wes21 produced this amazing new mural in Switzerland. The young artist produced an incredible falcon that fits ideally in this odd setting.


SeaCreative created a piece in Milan, Italy this week. The Italian painter used blue tones to deliver some of his signature odd faces.