New Music: Rakim – “Bring It On” (Produced by Dominic Owen ’95)

Lowkey hooked up producer Dominic Owen with Rakim to bring us some nostalgic flows by way of the GOD MC. It’s not often we get some Rakim, let alone a gem that is this good. This unreleased version was recorded back in April 1995 at the High Class Studios in Brooklyn. If you’d like to hear another gem, check over at YouHeardThatNew.

Written by Ryan Lyons

Ryan Lyons is a Baltimore, Maryland native with a passion for the unadulterated fun of the 80’s. A writer who enjoys providing coverage of music and fashion, Lyons cites late 80’s fashion in respect to icons like Run DMC and Hip-Hop, as his main inspiration. His love for all things hip-hop is highlighted in RESPECT.The Fresh and other RESPECT. features.

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