Nardwuar’s Best Hip-Hop Interviews of 2012


Nardwuar the Human Serviette transcends music journalism. Time to reflect back on this year and the great hip-hop interviews Nardwuar gave viewers across the world. And here’s to another roster of great interviews in 2013! Doot Doola Doot Doo!

Waka Flocka Flame

You know you’ve done something right when Waka Flocka Flame proudly declares you a member of his notorious Brick Squad. By the end of this memorable interview with Waka and Wooh Da Kid, Nardwuar earns his keep in Brick Squad, and even has the heavy chain to prove it.

A$AP Mob

Nardwuar is known to surprise, astonish and impress, and his interview with the A$AP Mob is proof of that. From knowing A$AP Ferg’s past profession in jewelry making, to discovering the name of “Wassup’s” mysterious shower girl (Desiree), Nardwuar continues to leave his interviewees speechless.

Kendrick Lamar

Teach Kendrick about the history of Compton hip-hop? Check. Remind Kendrick of a seventh grade friend that he used to rap with? Check. Show fellow Top Dawg Entertainment member Jay Rock, that he is a part of a LA-Compton Hood Tours brochure? Check. Nardwuar, you have done it again.

Flying Lotus

“You are tripping me out right now. Good job man.” – Flying Lotus to Nardwuar.

2 Chainz

“This is like a history lesson, for real though. I appreciate this.” 2 Chainz to Nardwuar.

Danny Brown

The amount of times Nardwuar successfully makes Danny Brown laugh is almost as amusing as the information we learn about the toothless rapper.


“He deep.” – E-40 describing Nardwuar.

Juicy J

Nardwuar should have asked Juicy J just how much Molly he was on.

Machine Gun Kelly

MGK made the guy a shirt. ‘Nuff said.

Big Sean

Nardwuar nerds will get a kick out of Sean’s mispronouncing Nardwuar’s name, but I think the biggest question still remains: did Nardwuar snag any of the ladies on the video’s opening-still?

Riff Raff

Honestly, one of the greatest facts learned throughout this interview is that Fleetwood Mac’s Stevie Nicks once blew cocaine up her asshole. That, and the video-still of a shirtless and ICEE necklace-wearing Nardwuar.

DJ Premier

If anybody could get the legendary DJ Premier to cosign one-hit wonder Gerardo Mejia’s street cred, it would be Nardwuar.

Curren$y, Pt. 3

“Why you always try and make me cry on this show, dawg?” – Curren$y to Nardwuar. Also, Curren$y deserves some kudos for asking Nardwuar a very important question: how does the interviewer know when to stop the microphone before it hits someone?

Action Bronson

Hearing Bronson say that his mother loves to puff a joint while cooking, makes everything that much clearer when you think about how Bronson is.


The best part of this interview is when Killer Mike makes an appearance, requesting that Nardwuar do another interview with him. Rappers flocking to do interviews is not common–unless you’re Nardwuar.

Wiz Khalifa

Without this interview we would not have known that Wiz’s mom’s friend is ratchet. And the world would be a sad place without that.

Young Jeezy

On many occasions Nardwuar has been asked, “How do you know that?” But Jeezy’s is great in that he comes off as reserved and keen of Nardwuar’s in-depth research, only to do a double take when Nardwuar asks him an impressive question. Atta baby, Nardwuar.

Asher Roth

The backdrop for Nardwuar’s interview with Roth is cool. And that story about Roth participating in strip poker is great too.

Brother Ali

Nardwuar: “Brother Ali, welcome to Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada.” Brother Ali: “Thank you, I’ve been waiting all my life to hear you say that man.”