Video: Jon Connor – “Don’t Wanna Be”

When the niggas you look up to on the block is not in a suit
When they’re glorifying the rocks that they got the cops in pursuit
When one of your niggas die, you don’t cry, you just salute
Like his death is a badge of honor till death came looking for you

If you haven’t copped Jon Connor‘s While You Were Sleeping mixtape, then perhaps this song will invite you to download it. The song has accompanying vocals from Lia Mack and the visuals are brought to us by Joe Puma. “Don’t Wanna Be” addresses the frivolous pursuits of the hip-hop community and calls for a look in the mirror rather than pointing fingers.

The sampled guitar riff can be found (most popularly) on Pretty Lights’ “Finally Moving,” however the original is from Judy Clay and William Bell track called “Private Number.”