EP: Ill Poetic – Synesthesia: The Yellow Movement

After releasing vieos for “Gone” and “Numb,” Ill Poetic finally delivers with his new EP. He describes the sound as a  “psychedelic blend of Outkast, Roger Troutman and Parliament.” He breaks down the recording process as such:

To say we’ve been looking forward to this day is an understatement. After four years of greyhound traveling, session recording, show rehearsals, consultations, video editing, brain-storming, sound-building, mixing & mastering, touring, giving up, not giving up, giving up again, not giving up again, macaroni & cheese dinners, no lunches, no breakfasts, little sleep, and questionable hygiene practices, we finally present to you Synesthesia: The Yellow Movement EP.

The EP is a name-your-price release, and if you’d like to contribute you can do so over here. Otherwise, feel free to stream and download below. Synesthesia Blue and Red are on the way.