Photo of the Day: Earl Sweatshirt Meets

The 18-year-old rapper has been spotted with Santigold, the Cool Kids, and now since returning from Samoa this year. Hipster Runoff reports:

Anyways, the best Earl Sweatshirt could do is hang out with, who is easily one of the softest, wackest niggas in the game. Pretty embarrassing picture. Not looking very swag at all. But I guess that’s what is happening to Odd Future. They are so desperate to be on mainstream rap radio that they’ll let produce some soft shit 4 them. Typical. Those dudes care more about selling overpriced skate gear to white tweens than they actually care about making good rap. No matter what, they will be hailed as ‘the next big thing in rap’ until they are like 40 years old, and every1 realizes they are just the Blink 182 of rap.

Shouts to the Cobra Snake.