THE Interview w/ Smoke DZA, talks Sweet Baby Kushed God, XXL Freshman Cover, Christmas in the Trap, Smoking at Shows

THE (full interview here) catches up with JETS rapper Smoke DZA to talk about his new Christmas mixtape, Sweet Baby Kushed God, as well as the XXL Freshman Cover and what he thinks about fans getting kicked out of his shows for smoking weed.

This is what he has to say about the latter:

And what’s your take on security kicking fans out of shows for smoking inside?

I don’t believe in that, man.

Who makes those rules? Does that depend on the establishment, or the promoter?

Sometimes the promoter might warn you, like, “Alright, there’s undercovers in here tonight.” Because the spot you’re performing in might be hot. God knows what happened before you got there. But if you’re going to book the Smokers Club, or if you’re going to book Smoke DZA, don’t book me in no fucking ‘no smoking allowed’ places, because my fans are coming to do what I do. Because that’s what my fans do! The name of the tour is the Smokers Club Tour. This is what they expect to do, so don’t kick people out of the shows for doing what it’s titled. That’s fucking ridiculous. It pisses me off. So when I come in and I walk past fans and they tell me they got kicked out, I bring them back in or I’ll do whatever I can do to get them back in. And if they can’t smoke in the crowd I’ll smoke on stage, I’ll break that silence. They’re not going to come kick me out, they’re not going to pull me off the stage for lighting up. I don’t believe in that shit. Okay, if we’re performing in Radio City Music Hall then it’s given that you’re not supposed to smoke weed, but if we’re performing in fucking Jimmy’s Crab Shack [laughs], and you’re booking Smoke DZA then you should fucking know what you came to get.

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Written by Peter Marrack

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