Obie Trice “Bottoms Up” To Drop This February

When Cheers dropped in 2003, it was one of the few albums that found its way into the folder inconspicuously marked “97 tax returns” on the family computer. It regularly got the repeat spins before my parents got home from work. Particularly the title track– “Cheers”– which led me to realize that Eminem was filthy on the production side of things as well. I was excited to see what would happen when he launched Black Market Entertainment, but Bottoms Up, his third solo effort, had been pushed back a good many times, and I could honestly  say that I never thought it would see the light of day. After two street singles, “My Time 2011″ and “Learn to Love,” and an official single, “Battle Cry,” which dropped some time ago, we’ll finally get to hear Bottoms Up in its entirety on February 28th, Lord willing and the creek don’t rise. Tracklist after the jump.

01 Bottoms Up (Intro)
02 Going No Where
03 Dear Lord
04 I Pretend
05 Richard f. Eminem (prod. Dr. Dre)
06 BME Up
07 Battle Cry f. Adrian Reeza
08 Secrets
09 Spill My Drink
10 Spend The Day f. Dre Skidne
11 Petty
12 My Time
13 Ups And Downs
14 Hell Yeah
15 Crazy f. MC Breed
16 LeBron On [Bonus]


Written by Jasmina Cuevas

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