Video Interview: Detroit’s Rookie of the Year- Drew32

2011 has shown us a lot about hip-hop. One of the most emerging characteristics of hip-hop spotlighted in 2011 has been emcees coming up in all different shapes, colors and creeds. Mac Miller has made us all reconsider the pretense behind “independent.” Action Bronson rocks the fuck out of a ginger beard. And now Detroit‘s got something up its sleeve with the 19-year-old Greek-American Drew32. While the kid still has some maturing to do, he’s already garnered some love from XXL , and MTV. On his latest mixtape, The B.U.R.N. Project, he goes verse-for-verse with Royce Da 5’9” on “Spazz Out” while weaving in and out of rap and more rhythmic tunes produced primarily by him. Not a bad look for the young Detroit spitter.  Check out what he has to say.

Photo cred goes to Tyler Hutcherson.

Written by Jasmina Cuevas

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