New Documentary: The (R)evolution Of Immortal Technique (Trailer)

The (R)evolution of Immortal Technique, a documentary chronicling the life and career of the Harlem-bred emcee, is set to premiere two weeks from today at the Harlem Film Festival.  The trailer for the documentary has hit the Internet despite the lack of a concrete release date, but if the trailer is a precursor of what’s to come we’re in for a special film.  Additionally, there are a number of high profile cameos throughout the film, including Chuck D, Ice T, Woody Harrelson and more.  The IMDB description says it all though:

Immortal Technique emerged from prison a changed man. As his inner journey continues, he travels the world promoting a revolution of consciousness through hip-hop. His path from a troubled youth to a fearless revolutionary is an inspirational must-see

All I know is that trailer is giving me chills, check it out below and stay tuned for more news.