Mixtape Review: Curren$y’s Verde Terrace

It’s been a busy week for Spitta Andretti.  After breaking his ankle Saturday at Rock the Bells in LA some worried that Curren$y’s newest project, Verde Terrace, would be delayed, but rest assured the mixtape dropped on time earlier today.  As for Curren$y’s role in the upcoming Smoker’s Club Tour, his agent Mousa has assured fans that they plan to honor their commitment (the tour kicks off October 12th).  I digress though, the big news hook of the day still belongs to Spitta’s mixtape.

If you’ve been following Curren$y for any period of time, you’ll see that Verde Terrace is vintage Spitta.  Spitta’s bars are centerstage and upfront, but there is some interesting work put it on the production side of the project courtesy of DJ Drama.  Most of the beats on the New Orleans-bred emcee’s mixtape err on the side of mellow, but a few joints break from the mold.  To his credit, Curren$y’s last two projects (Weekend At Burnie’s prior to Verde Terrace) have included a good deal of variety beat-wise.  Nevertheless, the entirety of both projects make for easy listening.  Not that he needs an introduction, but to get you in the listening mood here are my top five tracks off Curren$y’s new mixtape.

Jet Business:  Curren$y spits some smooth bars over a beat to match on the second track of the album.  This joint brings a much more upbeat flow to the forefront, and provides a nice segue early on in the album.

“Spitta Mr. Been-On-That, switch the style up and let my Mini-Mes run that.”

Music To Ride To:  Much like their appearances on Weekend at Burnie’s, Young Roddy and Trademark come in with Curren$y to provide some much needed variety.  The trio puts in work on a fast-paced beat, but Spitta’s hook make the song.

“Got my mind on my money, and money on my mind.  I’m double-time on my hustle and all ya bitches mine.  It’s that ride-n-smoking music that you can smoke-n-ride to, other niggas try to do it, but they don’t sound like I do.”

One For Da Wave: This is Curren$y’s shortest offering on the album, but his flow is never at a premium.  Though some might criticize his one verse on this joint, an uninterrupted one-minute verse is tougher to come by then you might think.  Nonetheless, the track is sandwiched between two other bangers so it’s tough to find fault.

“Few styles been stolen, don’t think I haven’t noticed.  But a couple nuggets ain’t much to the fuckin’ grower.”

Run Dat Shit:  Middle of the album, time to drop a bomb.  Curren$y finds his zone on this one and murders a mellow beat in doing so.  Spitta has never been one to let the beat overshadow what he’s got to say.

“Never been one of those caught up in a fad, they say it out of style I bring that shit back.”

Sky Miles: This track has one of the tougher beats on the album, and Spitta’s collaboration with Willie the Kid provides the perfect contrast.  The duo’s bars meld over an energy charged beat that is sure to have you twisting your dials to the right.

“Ninja turtle marijuana, cut it down.  Leonardo’s katanas, we in town.”

Honorable Mention:

Crack BC (ft. Young Roddy): Any song that samples a Notorious B.I.G. joint will raise some eyebrows, but needs to bring some serious heat to back it up.  Curren$y steps aside to let Young Roddy do his thing on this track.  I would’ve loved to see Spitta take a stab at this joint, but given the fallout from Monica’s “Anything To Find You” maybe it’s better he didn’t.  Nevertheless, Roddy goes in on Biggie’s classic.  Tracks 7-10 are sure to have you head bumping along for the ride.

“Rule number one: no serving in front of cameras cuz that’s the quickest way to get you thrown in the slammer.”

Listen to and download the mixtape below: