Earl Sweatshirt’s Samoan Exile Gets Complicated


Over the same weekend that a moderately hilarious twitter feud broke out between Chris Brown and Odd Future’s Frank Ocean (rundown courtesy of Complex), more information emerged about the Wolf Gang’s most mysterious member. Some heavy sleuthing of recent Coral Reef Academy graduate Tyler Craven’s facebook page turned up plenty of intelligence regarding Earl Sweatshirt‘s exile in Samoa. Craven challenges the veracity of the quotes displayed in last month’s marquee New Yorker profile, believing them to be planted by the Academy.

More OF fans hit up the page for answers. Tyler says “we all hated our lives and everything about the program” but notes that Earl is “to strong of a dude to get mindworped [sic].” The fan says that he would make songs dissing his mom and the academy when he got out if he was in the same position as Earl, and Tyler says that Earl actually talked about doing that.

Via Complex